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The Process

Are you a company seeking the perfect candidate to elevate your team? Look no further than – your partner in streamlining the hiring process. Our three-stage approach ensures a seamless experience, providing you with the ideal candidate to drive your company’s success. The best part? Our payment structure aligns with your journey’s progression. You pay only when you transition to the next stage, ensuring that you never pay for more than the value you receive and maintaining transparency throughout the process.

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Stage 1: Startup and Registration

Initiate your hiring journey with’s expert guidance. Here’s how we kickstart the process:

Information Gathering: We gather essential information to precisely understand the candidates your company requires. Your input serves as the foundation for a tailored search.

Job Ad Creation: We craft a compelling job advertisement and distribute it across diverse job databases. This maximizes your exposure to qualified candidates.

Stage 2: Dialogue and Job Matches

Once we’ve laid the groundwork, we initiate dialogue to identify potential candidates that align with your needs:

Effective Communication: We establish a channel of communication between your company and relevant candidates, with the aim of your company eventually selecting the right candidate for the role.

Stage 3: Legal Support

If your hiring process requires legal support, you transition to stage 3:

Visa Preparation and Application: We help your candidate prepare and submit the necessary documents for a visa application, ensuring that the candidate meet all the requirements for legal entry into your chosen European country.*

Work Permit Preparation and Application: We assist your candidate in preparing and applying for a work permit. We ensure that the candidate has everything in order to meet the legal obligations of working abroad.*

Dialogue with Authorities: We engage in constructive dialogues with the ministry of immigration and integration on your behalf. Our aim is to streamline the legal process, addressing any concerns or clarifications that may arise during the application process.

*It’s important to note that after we’ve applied for a visa or work permit, the final decision lies with the ministry of immigration and integration. While we strive to ensure a smooth process, there’s always a risk of getting declined.

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